Getting started.

When you first invite windoor., you'll want to run the wd!setup command - which will setup everything for you.

NOTE: If you don't see any embed message appear, you'll need to enable "Show website preview" in your discord settings under "Text & Images".

NOTE: The mesasge above the embed message will appear when the user has "Administrator" permissions on the server, but doesn't have a role under the name "Staff".

When you finish the setup, you should create a role under the name "Staff" and give the role to your staff on the server and yourself.

When the message appears, you may type in "yes" to allow windoor to configure the server a bit to his liking, or reply with "no" and try again later.

WARNING: Make sure windoor. has "Administrator" permissions so the bot will be able to do his things, or else he'll get an error saying he doesn't have permissions to continue the setup process and you will have to start the setup process again.

After windoor. is done with setting up, you should get this message:

When you do so, you may use the command wd!config to change thing like the logging channel, or custom prefixes.

All the commands listed in the embed message do as they say at the bottom of the actual command.

NOTE: Make sure to replace the parenthesis and text in side the parenthesis with whatever the text in side of the parenthesis says.